The Anime Rest stop: Roleplay haven.
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The Anime Rest stop: Roleplay haven.

Come on in and rest your weary heart. For all anime lover's are welcome here....
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 ~STAFF Available ON-SITE~

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Admin Kairi
Admin Kairi

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PostSubject: ~STAFF Available ON-SITE~   Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:19 pm

Mechanic and Kenpo Master Takai Yorishiro((age 25)):

Takai's Sister Yoshina, Veteranarian and Biotinist(( Kairi's and Copens former school mate/ friend)) :

Takai's daughter, Nikie:

((~note that a Like a Star @ heaven = Kairi's fuckboy XD and no...she is not Nikie's mom....nikie's mom...well...she...wasn't a nice person >_>))
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~STAFF Available ON-SITE~
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