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 Story Plot for Inuyasha RP

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Admin Kairi
Admin Kairi

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PostSubject: Story Plot for Inuyasha RP   Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:23 pm

OK here's the basics....

~~~Mt. Hakurei has been reformed and purified by a tennyo of the heavens and once again Naraku has vanished without a clue. The Inu gang believes that Naraku may be planning to once again reek havoc upon the oxen-tiger and other regions of japan while hiding behind the sacred barrier.(Re-resurrected band of seven,est.)

So with new villains at his side who knows what Naraku will try...Inuyasha and the others will be scourging the country side of japan, once again looking for the vanished evil demon. In search for any clues,Inuyasha and his friends may find an ally two or more along the treacherous path they are currently walking. Who knows maybe a new group after Naraku may rise up and take the road less traveled. All that is known is that Naraku and more enemies are showing up and the jewel is one shard away still from being complete...but will it last?~~~
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Story Plot for Inuyasha RP
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